Sugar Free Eve

As most people are off to exciting New Year’s parties, Kurt and I are tucked in at home. With the snow and the impaired drivers likely to be out later, we decided that home sweet home is where we want to be tonight. Robbie is tucked in bed and we are giving it the ol’ college try to stay up till midnight.

On the eve of my Go Sugar Free journey, I am scared. That is silly, right? I mean, this is just food we’re talking about. I’m not starting a new job or moving to a new city. I’m just changing my lifestyle a little. But I am sitting here mentally listing all the foods I can’t have after tomorrow and wishing I could eat all of them right now!

Clearly, I have a rather unhealthy relationship with food. I am a comfort eater. I buy cookies and chocolate in anticipation of having a bad week….and I eat it whether or not the week actually goes poorly. I am obsessed with sugar. I’ll eat burned brownies because BROWNIES. I’ll order dessert even when half my dinner is in a to-go box. I think I NEED sugar every day to be complete. It’s gotten really bad lately. Tonight, I had a tummy ache but I STILL ate sweets like it was my last night on earth. This has got to stop.

I mean, there is a reason I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy (starting out overweight anyway) and why I am still 20 pounds up from where I started. This is the ugly truth. I make light of it, make jokes about it, tell people that I am just saving this weight for the next baby, but the truth is that I am unhappy and embarrassed that I have a closet full of pre-baby clothes that I still cannot wear.

So here we go. My hope is that by being brutally honest about my journey that I can encourage some of you to either enroll in this course or try to make some small changes in your own lives to be healthier and happier. If I can complete this course and make a break from sugar, ANYONE can. Trust me on that.


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