The first 72 hours…..

Three days into going sugar free, and I finally understand how junkies feel. The sugar withdrawal symptoms are FOR REAL. Headaches, fatigue, crankypants–I’ve got it all right now. Day one I actually felt good, cocky almost. Like “Sugar free is SO easy, this is great.” I discovered that it IS possible to drink coffee with just some milk, and that I could walk past the candy dish at work and NOT take a piece. I even passed up chocolate cake and ice cream with Kurt’s family. I just smugly drank some nice red wine and thought about how I was an A+ student when it comes to giving up sugar. I went through the list of things that we could eliminate or keep on the program and eliminated everything but honey (for tea) and pure dark chocolate (because I’m not an animal). I WAS THE BEST SUGAR FREE PERSON EVER.

But now it’s Day Three, and stuff got real. I guess my body has finally figured out that it is no longer getting any sugar, and it is PISSED. I had a brief though or using a pen as a needle and mainlining some sugar at lunch. But I did not. Everyone says that this is the worst part, and that soon I’ll feel great. But right now I just feel crummy. Nothing a little chocolate couldn’t fix, though.

….I need to go make some mint tea to drink myself off the ledge!


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