So, why do a full program to Go Sugar Free?

I could just say, “Hey, no more sugar.” and be done. Or pick up a book about sugar-free lifestyles and follow that. Who needs to pay good money for instructions to go sugar free? Lesson one, stop eating sugar. GRADUATED!

To me, just waking up one day and said “Okay, no more sugar” is like an alcoholic waking up and saying “Okay, no more booze.” You dump it all out and feel really proud of yourself. You are great for a day or two, then you slip.

“Well, I gave it up for a few days, so that’s good. As reward, here’s a cookie.” And so it goes.

The truth is that that doesn’t work for me. I need a program, I need structure, I need steps and homework and guidance. I need to understand the changes I am making on a physical and psychological level.

Basically, my mom and sister staged an intervention by signing me up for the Go Sugar Free Program.

This week in the program we are learning all about the reality of SUGAR ADDICTION. It is no different than alcohol or cigarette addiction in many ways. My body felt that it NEEDED sugar to function. When I quit, I went through hard withdrawals and cravings–I’m still not 100% cured in that category. But I have discovered that I can live without chocolate every day, and that it IS possible to drink coffee without sugar (although it’s pretty gross–I may just use this as an excuse to kick the coffee habit as well). I have also rediscovered the value of actually cooking meals. I got so used to convenience things like sauces and meal kits that I did not realize how bad for my family those actually are. I’m not saying that we’ll never have Kraft Macaroni and Cheese again, but with a little planning I can make homemade mac-n-cheese that tastes so much better.

Overall, I think what this course is teaching me beyond getting cured off the sugar is better time management and meal planning for our busy little family. I only have about 30-45 minutes to have dinner on the table most nights, and I got in a bad habit of using easy short cuts that were probably not the best, health wise. So now I use my weekends to plan meals more carefully and do as much prep work as possible–chopping, pre-cooking what I can, and making sure that I have all the right ingredients. I even got ambitious and made a few casseroles for the freezer–just in case!


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