Working Mom Blog…Written on Tuesday, Posted on Friday.

So, yeah, this was written on Tuesday, but I am just now getting around to posting it because LIFE.

See, this is why you don’t see many high profile bloggers who have full time jobs outside the home. Because we NEVER have time to actually write. Although this week, I have a good excuse.

First, Friday night the ice/sleet/Hellsmouth kept us from getting home. Yes, LITERALLY all roads to my house were closed because of railroad malfunctioning or accidents. I picked up Robbie from the sitter and headed home on my usual route. When I got to Big Timber and Tyrell, a cop car had it closed off. Okay, so I turned up Tyrell to go to 72, figuring I’d just go up and around and get home the back way. NOPE. After crawling in a line of cars for 30 minutes, Kurt called me to tell me that the railroad that crosses 72 was ALSO malfunctioning, so 72 was closed. I was in a sheer panic at this point. We’d been in the car for almost an hour at this point. Kurt then told me that Coombs was ALSO closed because so many cars had gone off the road due to the ice. We could not get home. So we met at Village Pizza and had dinner—Kurt was also trying to get home at this time and luckily knows the right people to call to find out what was going on. It was not a good night for my Sugar Free program—I am sure the pizza crust had more than my limit, but I. DID. NOT. CARE. I consider it a win that I did not have either a Diet Coke OR a drink, which would have been my normal coping mechanism for stress.

After dinner the main road to our house was open, so we got home by 7:30. Robbie was a flipping TROOPER through the whole ordeal. Definitely has his father’s patience.

Saturday AM I woke up dead with a cold. Like too-sick-to-function cold. You never realize what an awesome dude you married until you are stuffed-leaking-coughing-crying-bleary-delirious sick and your husband says “Stay in bed ALL DAY, I’ve got the toddler.” Of course, it helps that right now Robbie is going through his “I only have one parent, and that is DADDDDDDY” phase, so he didn’t even notice Mommy wasn’t around. I am pretty sure he knew he was sick last week and gave me all those extra kisses ON PURPOSE to knock me out so that he could have Daddy all to himself. Toddlers, man, they’re more sinister than you think.

So here I am on Day 4 of this cold—I’m functioning again, but I have total Ames voice (basically, I sound like a sexy man) and have an array of cold products on my bathroom counter, no less than three of which are in my body right now.

Wasn’t the whole point of this to talk about my Sugar Free journey? Well, I am still kicking ass and taking names. I am down 7 pounds, probably a few inches on my waist—my jeans fit better, but I can’t actually take my measurements because my kid though the measuring tape was a toy so now that’s missing.



So, why do a full program to Go Sugar Free?

I could just say, “Hey, no more sugar.” and be done. Or pick up a book about sugar-free lifestyles and follow that. Who needs to pay good money for instructions to go sugar free? Lesson one, stop eating sugar. GRADUATED!

To me, just waking up one day and said “Okay, no more sugar” is like an alcoholic waking up and saying “Okay, no more booze.” You dump it all out and feel really proud of yourself. You are great for a day or two, then you slip.

“Well, I gave it up for a few days, so that’s good. As reward, here’s a cookie.” And so it goes.

The truth is that that doesn’t work for me. I need a program, I need structure, I need steps and homework and guidance. I need to understand the changes I am making on a physical and psychological level.

Basically, my mom and sister staged an intervention by signing me up for the Go Sugar Free Program.

This week in the program we are learning all about the reality of SUGAR ADDICTION. It is no different than alcohol or cigarette addiction in many ways. My body felt that it NEEDED sugar to function. When I quit, I went through hard withdrawals and cravings–I’m still not 100% cured in that category. But I have discovered that I can live without chocolate every day, and that it IS possible to drink coffee without sugar (although it’s pretty gross–I may just use this as an excuse to kick the coffee habit as well). I have also rediscovered the value of actually cooking meals. I got so used to convenience things like sauces and meal kits that I did not realize how bad for my family those actually are. I’m not saying that we’ll never have Kraft Macaroni and Cheese again, but with a little planning I can make homemade mac-n-cheese that tastes so much better.

Overall, I think what this course is teaching me beyond getting cured off the sugar is better time management and meal planning for our busy little family. I only have about 30-45 minutes to have dinner on the table most nights, and I got in a bad habit of using easy short cuts that were probably not the best, health wise. So now I use my weekends to plan meals more carefully and do as much prep work as possible–chopping, pre-cooking what I can, and making sure that I have all the right ingredients. I even got ambitious and made a few casseroles for the freezer–just in case!

The first 72 hours…..

Three days into going sugar free, and I finally understand how junkies feel. The sugar withdrawal symptoms are FOR REAL. Headaches, fatigue, crankypants–I’ve got it all right now. Day one I actually felt good, cocky almost. Like “Sugar free is SO easy, this is great.” I discovered that it IS possible to drink coffee with just some milk, and that I could walk past the candy dish at work and NOT take a piece. I even passed up chocolate cake and ice cream with Kurt’s family. I just smugly drank some nice red wine and thought about how I was an A+ student when it comes to giving up sugar. I went through the list of things that we could eliminate or keep on the program and eliminated everything but honey (for tea) and pure dark chocolate (because I’m not an animal). I WAS THE BEST SUGAR FREE PERSON EVER.

But now it’s Day Three, and stuff got real. I guess my body has finally figured out that it is no longer getting any sugar, and it is PISSED. I had a brief though or using a pen as a needle and mainlining some sugar at lunch. But I did not. Everyone says that this is the worst part, and that soon I’ll feel great. But right now I just feel crummy. Nothing a little chocolate couldn’t fix, though.

….I need to go make some mint tea to drink myself off the ledge!

Sugar Free Eve

As most people are off to exciting New Year’s parties, Kurt and I are tucked in at home. With the snow and the impaired drivers likely to be out later, we decided that home sweet home is where we want to be tonight. Robbie is tucked in bed and we are giving it the ol’ college try to stay up till midnight.

On the eve of my Go Sugar Free journey, I am scared. That is silly, right? I mean, this is just food we’re talking about. I’m not starting a new job or moving to a new city. I’m just changing my lifestyle a little. But I am sitting here mentally listing all the foods I can’t have after tomorrow and wishing I could eat all of them right now!

Clearly, I have a rather unhealthy relationship with food. I am a comfort eater. I buy cookies and chocolate in anticipation of having a bad week….and I eat it whether or not the week actually goes poorly. I am obsessed with sugar. I’ll eat burned brownies because BROWNIES. I’ll order dessert even when half my dinner is in a to-go box. I think I NEED sugar every day to be complete. It’s gotten really bad lately. Tonight, I had a tummy ache but I STILL ate sweets like it was my last night on earth. This has got to stop.

I mean, there is a reason I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy (starting out overweight anyway) and why I am still 20 pounds up from where I started. This is the ugly truth. I make light of it, make jokes about it, tell people that I am just saving this weight for the next baby, but the truth is that I am unhappy and embarrassed that I have a closet full of pre-baby clothes that I still cannot wear.

So here we go. My hope is that by being brutally honest about my journey that I can encourage some of you to either enroll in this course or try to make some small changes in your own lives to be healthier and happier. If I can complete this course and make a break from sugar, ANYONE can. Trust me on that.

Let’s try this again

So I used to blog, sometimes, like two years ago. Then something called Robbie happened. I know a lot of moms blog all the time and have gorgeous photos of their kids and show off their craft pinterest skills but you know what, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I am a full time working mom.  I don’t have time to blog about the magicof ordinary days or trips to the park with my son. I understand that working is my choice and I am not complaining. I’ve spent a few days home alone with Robbie and GOOD LORD. I was ready to go back to work the next day. Nothing at work is ever as exhausting as a toddler. Stay at home moms are my heroes, because THAT is work.

Don't let this sweet face fool you....he goes at 110MPH all day every day.

Don’t let this sweet face fool you….he goes at 110MPH all day every day.

Anyway, blogging just didn’t fit into my lifestyle for awhile. I get like 2-3 hours every night with Robbie, and weekends are full of laundry and errands and housecleaning and getting in all the toddler play time I can. But now I have a real reason to get on the internet and complain.

I am giving up sugar for 10 weeks.

You read that correctly.

My name is Elissa, and I am sugar addict. I don’t mean that I like sweets. I mean my body physically CRAVES sugar. I never thought that was a problem till I woke up one day, two years after my son was born, and still 20 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I can only blame it on the kid for so long.

My sister’s sister-in-law (follow that?) developed a 10-week course to help people like me. People who need to just wake up one morning and say “No more sugar!” My mom and sister did the course, and they loved it.  Both lost weight and gained energy, which is what I desperately need. The purpose of the course is to reset my palette and to learn about the hidden sugars in the foods I eat every day.

I am excited about this journey. I’ve tried just giving sugar up on my own before–it lasts a week or two, then I am back on the sugar train. This time I want things to be different.

So for the next 10 weeks, I am going to share my sugar free journey with everyone who reads this blog, like my mom. I feel like this will help keep me honest, and it will serve to show people what changing your lifestyle can do for your overall health.

If anyone is interested in suffering along with me, you can sign up for her course here. The course fee gets to a daily lesson, access to great recipes, and a community of Go Sugar Free graduates who can offer their help and advice on getting through the tough days and offer encouragement the whole way.

My New Year’s Resolution is simply to be healthier and happier. Here goes….